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Serving From the Heart Eph. 6:6-10

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     Community Cry Inc. is a 501c3 Faith-based nonprofit organization based on the scripture Eph. 6: 6-10 serving from the heart as Jesus served. We believe there is no precise answer—every little bit helps. There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. Through your prayers, volunteer time, and monetary gifts. As we embark on different ways to help heal,  strengthen, build,  to be the change in our communities through our building programs and community services, we know that with your help, we will be successful in our endeavors. Thank you, from us to you. Donations can be submitted through our website, Pay Pal, and $CommunityCry. "Let's make our communities a better place, with our unified efforts." Charitable Contributions are tax deductible. "Help Us > Help Them"



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New Beginnings Start Here, Community Cry Inc.


Refocusing to become difference makers in the community.

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It was a Night to Remember! Epic-July 2023 Big Event "Gents & Girls Debutant Cotillion"

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Youth in Motion serving the Community
Ending the Summer Strong! Helping the Community. It was awesome.
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