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Gents & Girls Debutant Cotillion Starts Here:
    Free Four months Building Program

Open House January 20,  2024, 1:00 p.m. at 1501 W Ring Street Milw WI 53206.  Scheduled days will be communicated at the Open House. Training sessions every other Sat.,  11-1 p.m. 777 S. Barker Rd. Brookfield, WI, 53045. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you in building your child's character and self-esteem. The program is funded by sponsors, partnerships, donations, and fundraisers. You can help us be the village that these parents need through your financial support. Through our cash app $CommunityCry, website, or Pay Pal account. Demetra Lock @Communitycry. Thank you for your support. Receipts are given at your request.


GGDC building program is based on Isaiah 62:3.

     Our mission is to encourage, educate, and empower boys and girls ages 5-15 years old.

     Learning how to cultivate their gifts and talents through our coaching and mentorship sessions.

     It takes a village to grow our next generation with a positive view. We are excited to partner with the parents to help aid in this process of learning. 






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A snapshot of what we do to build children for their tomorrow's success. "Gents & Girls Debutant Cotillion"

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It's More than a Social Gathering with Peers.

It's More than activities and Fun time.

It's More than Beauty & Awards.

It's Your Destiny calling You, "BEING PURPOSED TO FULFIL"

Gents  & Girls Debutant Cotillionen

Sign up to reserve your child, or childrens' spot. Thank you 

Sponsorship is welcome, ("Help us > Help them") Contact Demetra Lock for more information

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